Front Row Education for K-8

A differentiated approach to adaptive learning – keep your students learning and engaged this summer!

Front Row offers a suite of tools across Math, ELA and Social Studies to help your students grow. • Math – 34,000+ questions aligned to K-8 standards • ELA – 400+ ELA articles, each available in multiple reading levels • Social Studies – Ready-to-go lessons • Data reports – Over 15 reports to track student growth • Benchmark assessments

Lessons are common core aligned. Students begin by taking a pretest within a domain then move to practice sets, lessons, and assessments. Front Row will always be free for teachers. Set up your account today.

Prevent the Summer Math Slide

Fog Stone Isle is an online virtual world that helps students achieve a better understanding of math concepts and fluency. fog stoneThe focus is on rational numbers (fractions, ratios, proportions, and units) for students in grades 5-8.  The games are designed to be engaging, have a deep integration of neuroscientific learning principles, and effective pedagogy.

Student tracking and reporting are included with the Cignition program. This program is worth the time to investigate and put to good use. Help your students or your own children retain what they’ve learned in school and be steps ahead for the upcoming school year. Set up a teacher account for summer school use or a parent account for home use. Accounts are free.

Check out the extra incentive. It’s sure to capture a student’s interest.

BAM Network Radio

You’re in summer vacation mode and don’t even want to think about work or professional development but you want to be current and stay in the know. Well BAM Radio is for you!

Why not listen to podcasts from a large variety of educators and education organizations covering a range of topics while you are involved in some of your summer activities?

Look over the listings and organizational channels to select your interests. Create a playlist of your favorite episodes for future use. You can choose from organizations like:

  • Flipped Learning Radio
  • Every Classroom Matters
  • Hooked on Captivating Students
  • Common Core Radio
  • K12 Greatest Hits
  • Learning Differently


Check it out. There is something for everyone.