Stop Motion Animation

Google Slides is more than a multimedia presentation tool.  Not only can you make interactive whiteboard activities, but you can also create your own stop motion animation movies with just a few tips and tricks. Stop motion animation simply means that you create still slides one by one and then compile it into a movie file when done.

Think of the creative ways you and your students could use Google Slides for stop motion animation that could:

  • make science come to life demonstrate how to solve a math problem
  • re-enact a historical event
  • tell a story or retell a story you read in class
  • demonstrate how to solve a math problem

The following blog post at ControlAltAchieve gives two examples of stop motion movies and the step-by-step instructions on how to create either type.

Irregular Areas and Defining Identical

Teaching Elementary Children Philosophy

Teaching Children Philosophy Book Modules provides materials needed to engage discussion through children’s literature for elementary students.  Whether it be on philosophical issues, the summary plot, or the main idea, this resource provides a series of questions that will help initiate and spark discussion. Book titles are listed alphabetically but can also be searched by category (ex: aesthetics, ethics, logic, language, multiculturalism, etc).

Referenced Resource:

Design Challenge Learning

Design Challenge Learning is a 21st-century learning style geared to challenge and innovate students through hands-on activities that foster skills in critical thinking and in solving real world problems.

The Tech, Museum of Innovation is a good resource for design challenge lessons that can be done in less than an hour, 1-2 hours, or over multiple sessions. Lessons are thorough and labeled by grade level.  From a teacher’s point of view, the opportunity to observe and question students through their challenge sheds new light on how students get more from a lesson by working together and thinking out loud.  Give it a try and see how your students do with the whole engineering process.

Google’s Smarty Pins, Geography Trivia

Are you interested in testing your geography skills?  Google has engineered a fun, interactive, trivia game that tests your knowledge of the world map in six different categories.

  • March Madnesssmarty pins
  • Arts and Culture
  • Science and Geography
  • Sports and Games
  • Entertainment
  • History and Current Events

You get hints like “this is the only point in the United States where four corner states meet” and then you drop the pin as close to that location as possible. Sometimes it’s a country, city or a specific landmark.

Go to Google and type in ‘smarty pins‘ to get started.