Classroom Screen

A simple tool of digital widgets presented onscreen to help students focus more on their work. Tools consist of: random name generator, random dice rolls, drawing with or without lined paper, text messaging, work symbols, traffic light, qr codes, sound levels, timer, clock, language selection, and board background choices.

A teacher must have tool for classroom instruction, communication, management, and student focus.

New Creative Tools in Seesaw

Effective today, June 19th, Seesaw launched their new creative tools making it easier for students to demonstrate their learning in ways that work best for them and it works better than ever on chromebooks too. For iOS, you must update your app and for Android you have to be a little more patient as it is still in development.

Example 1) demonstrate the water cycle by adding multiple pictures over a background, labeling them, and then adding arrows to show the cycle while the student records what they know.

Example 2) Identifying parts of speech by underlining examples, labeling them, and talking through their work.

Example 3) Working out a math word problem with recording your thought process.

Summer PD at LCES on Monday, July 22nd.

AM Session 9-11
PM Session 12-3

Design-Make-Play With “The Pack”

This approach to learning and engagement supports learning experiences that develop critical thinking, computational thinking, knowledge integration, innovation, creativity, and environmental problem-solving skills.

The Pack is a game set in a future world where healthy ecosystems have faltered and resources are scarce. To restore the environment, players embark on an open-ended quest to find food and water by using their “Pack”—creatures that have unique functions such as digging, moving, holding, grabbing, and repeating. When their Pack has more than one type of creature, players combine them into algorithms to perform tasks and overcome challenges. As they advance, players create more complex algorithms that allow them to do new things.

The Pack is an all-ages game inspired by NYSCI’s groundbreaking Connected Worlds exhibit and was created by NYSCI and Design I/O. Free downloads are available for MacOSX and Windows.

Prevent the Summer Math Slide

fog stone

Fog Stone Isle is an online virtual world that helps students achieve a better understanding of math concepts and fluency.
Kids are hands-on learners in FogStone Isle. From building villages to raising plants and animals, 3rd through 7th graders see the math in action and deepening their conceptual understanding.

Fog Stone includes scaffolding, manipulatives, and intelligent tutorials that support and guide children through each topic’s conceptual levels. They return often, adding to their unique world while deepening their understanding.

Help your students or your own children retain what they’ve learned in school and be steps ahead for the upcoming school year. Set up a teacher account for summer school use or a parent account for home use. Accounts are free.


Wish your students “Good Luck” on their SOL tests; display a warm greeting as students enter class; review sight words; interpret foreign language phrases; the choice is yours in how you want to communicate with your students on the big screen.

Gzaas is a web-based tool for quickly sharing a full-screen message with your class. Check out my samples below.

A heed of warning… only display your message and forget the navigation buttons at the bottom. Advancing through public messages may display something inappropriate.