Born in Frankfurt, Germany, raised in Florida, and a resident of Virginia, I enjoy the outdoors, woodworking, home improvements, all things domestic, and actively doing my best to stay up with the latest technology trends.

LA Week – July 2016

Summer Vacation July 2016


Daryl Bell Tops Goals of 2015

UWF Women’s Soccer – Daryl Bell scores only 2 points of the game and gets to commentate afterwards. So proud of my niece.

My Niece Daryl Bell – Athlete of the Week!

Tech Garden – April 2011

Making good use of the old bricks that were pulled up in order to pour a new walkway. This used to be my office so after hours or on lunch breaks, I worked at making a more appealing entrance using the old bricks for border. I planted a few perennials from my home and a few herbs purchased by food service.

Logo Ceiling Tiles Project – Winter 2011-12

I started out with only wanting to paint 6 logo tiles for my old office renovation. They turned out so good that I took another 6 tiles home and then another set and yet another set. This was therapeutic for me especially during the winter months.  Maintenance installed them in July 2012 while my team was at a conference for the day.

Summer Vacation July 2011


Summer Vacation June 2012
buffalo new york

Summer Vacation June 2013

Summer Vacation June 2014