Browse Passages From Books

Google has a new way to find answers and assemble information on the internet on a range of topics.

What is fun about computer programming? Would you advise young people to pursue a career as a musician? How can I stop thinking and fall asleep?Students simply type a question or passage into Talk to Books and the AI-powered tool will scan every sentence in more than 100,000 volumes in Google Books and generate a list of likely responses with the pertinent passage in bold. Talk to Books will tackle any query users have.

The Al tool draws on the ability to understand natural human language. For example, if students try out any of Talk to Books’ generated queries, such as “Who are the smartest characters in Harry Potter?”, they won’t get a list of books they could use to find an answer to their question. Instead, they’ll get the actual passages from books most likely to provide a natural response to their query.