FlipSnack for Online Digital Publications

What a great alternative for students to showcase their work or submit assignments than from an ordinary presentation or slideshow. Easily create, share, and embed stunning HTML5 flipbooks online for free. Transforming your PDFs to a fully mobile digital flipbook couldn’t be any easier.

I created these flipbooks by converting my PPT to PDF. The PDF was then uploaded to FlipSnack. I added a hyperlink to the last page of Our Solar System to demonstrate interactivity.

Visit My FlipSnack library to see where you can build and store your own digital library of resources.  https://flipsnack.com/sylanderson

Another flipbook worth looking at by Kimberly Kelly, Media Specialist – New Books 2018

Give it a try!  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with and share.

Vocaroo – Say What?

The tools most commonly used by students and teachers include files, images, videos, and web links, but what about just plain audio – especially for those who may be camera shy?

Vocaroo is a free web-based tool that enables users to record, share, and download voice messages.  Activities or assignments could include digital storytelling, explaining a concept, podcasting, broadcasting an announcement or event, or giving feedback. Vocaroo is not platform specific and can be used on any device equipped with a microphone and internet access.

Assign students an activity in Schoology using Vocaroo. This would make a great addition to your resource or apps list.

Create New Google Files in a Snap

Did you know you can create a new Google Doc, Sheet, Slide, or Form in one simple step?

If you notice when you are working on a Google Docs file, the web address leads with:  docs.google.com

By adding /create to the end of the web address, you are instantly taken to a blank document of that file type. See image below.

google docs create

This quick start also works with Slides, Forms, Sheets, and Drive. Give it a try! Click on the image above or the following Slides link:  slides.google.com/create

Note:  You must be logged in to the your Google account, otherwise, you will be prompted to log in prior to accessing the new file type. 

Split Screen Layouts/Tab Layouts for Chrome

Have you ever had a need to view more than one screen on your display?

With the extension Split Screen Layouts/Tab Layouts for Chrome, you can easily split the browser screen into separate tabs and work simultaneously in multiple windows.  Who says you need dual monitors?  Customize layouts to suit your needs and create your own keyboard shortcuts for layouts you prefer and use most often.

Go to the Chrome Webstore and search Split Screen to add the extension to your web browser.

Explore the Periodic Table

If you have an iPad or a Mac/Windows desktop and are interested in learning more about the Elements, then you’ll want to snag the app called NOVA Elements. You can explore an interactive periodic table, play a game, or watch a 2-hour program called, “Hunting the Elements.”  Search your app store and get started today.  The app is free!