Crio by Curriculum Pathways

Imagine, create, and share lessons that inspire students’ natural curiosity. Using Crio’s drag-and-drop editor, transform your lessons into interactive, online resources – for free!

This would make a good alternative option to use within Schoology. Look at this preview of “What are real numbers?” and “Que te gusta comer?” for a glimpse of what Crio looks like.

What are real numbers?, QL #C3294

¿Qué te gusta comer?, QL #C3296

Digital Student Portfolios – Worth the Bother?

10 reasons why implementing digital portfolios like Seesaw and Dojo Portfolios is a fabulous technology initiative to showcase student’s accomplishments and growth over the course of a year.

  1. Showcases all students as learners.
  2. Improves teacher/family communication.
  3. Facilitates better feedback from teacher, family, and/or peers.
  4. Highlights the process of learning and being organized.
  5. Demonstrates progress and growth over time.
  6. Guides students to become self-directed and accountable.
  7. Maximizes formative assessment options.
  8. Recognizes the many ways of being creative and smart.
  9. Advocate for every student.
  10. Work smarter, not harder as a teacher.

CodeSnaps Lesson on “Features on a Map”

Provided by Curriculum Pathways and just in time for the Hour of Code event held the first week in December, SAS CodeSnaps takes advantage of tangible, printed coding blocks allowing students to prepare programs together on a work surface without a device.  When blocks are scanned with the CodeSnaps app, the program is then executed on the connected robot. The video demonstrates how to scan coding blocks with the SAS CodeSnaps app.

Here is an example of how code can be used in the K-3 classroom. Check out this easy lesson plan.

Show with Code: Features on a Map
Lesson Plan 15-45 minutes
CodeSnaps block printout cards

Poll Everywhere Within Google Slides

Do you teach from presentations you’ve put together in Google Slides? Are you interested in using those presentations and polling your students for immediate responses as you go through your material?  If so, please read on.

Poll Everywhere allows you to transform one-way presentations into a real-time engaging conversation within your classroom. Using mobile devices people carry every day, your audience can submit live responses straight to the Google slide. Here’s how it works:

– Create or log in to your Poll Everywhere account.
– Create the questions you’d like to ask the audience.
– Embed poll questions and surveys in your Google Slides.
– Invite the crowd or class to respond via the web or SMS.
– Watch responses appear instantly on the slide in real-time.

Unity Day – October 25, 2018

Lewis and Clark Elementary staff members greeted students Thursday morning with inspirational messages to pump them up and to know they are special and can do anything they set their mind to.  To show unity, the staff wore orange shirts with blue jeans.  We love our students and want them to be their best!