SimPop for Science Simulations

SimPop is a web-based simulation program created by students for students in grade 6-12.  It encourages scientific inquiry, makes the invisible visible and helps build visual mental models. There are a variety of options and settings for manipulating each science activity. As students interact with these simulations, they explore cause-and-effect relationships. It makes understanding science concepts much easier with a visual hands-on approach. Resource is free so check it out.
simpop simulations

ReadingVine for Improved Reading Skills

ReadingVine is a free web-based resource that provides fiction and non-fiction reading passages and question sets for students of all ages.

reading vine logo

Hone in on skill sets or search material by grade level.  There is a myriad of different reading passages to help your students improve their reading skills.

Whether you are a teacher, parent, or tutor, ReadingVine is a resource you will want to use.  Create your account today!


Wizer for Blended Worksheets

Think of Wizer Worksheets as digital hyperdocs or online blended worksheets and you will provide a new way to assign students an assignment using a learning management system.

Create engaging, interactive worksheets that includes video, audio, images and a variety of question types that includes technology enhanced items (TEI). Audio features allow you to record your voice for differentiation.  Easily assign to students in any learning management system like Schoology, Google Classroom, or Edmodo.  You can also share your activity by embedding or providing a link or PIN.

Don’t have time to create your own Wizer?  Explore the collection of free resources created by other educators.  Use as-is or copy and edit them to suit your needs.

The free-forever Wizer Lite account gives you the worksheet creator, ability to assign worksheets via URL or LMS, access to thousands of worksheets in the collection, and one classroom roster.

The Moon Phases worksheet below is something I created on the fly in 30-40 minutes. Give it try.  It’s only a sampling of what you get with Wizer.

Can Learning Be Transparent?

How many times have you used an image on a webpage, publication, presentation, or a paper and the background of that image messed up your format and appealing display?  Numerous times most likely.

Here are a few tips for finding and obtaining transparent images.

  • Google Image Search with Advanced Features – after browsing for an image, click on TOOLS underneath the search field, select COLOR, then TRANSPARENT. Save the image and use in your file.
  • Google Drawing – background is already transparent, create your image/drawing, then save and download.
  • – isolated free stock png photos
  • Lunapic – photo editing web app – upload photo, edit/magic wand, click on background, save and download.

For educational purposes, transparent images could be used in PPT’s, Google Slides, student created flip books/videos, PBA’s, interactives, comics, and websites to name a few.

Transparent images are more appealing that’s a fact but it also gives the impression of a skilled user of technology at hand.

PlayPosit – A Blended Video Model

Students love watching videos and there is so much out there to choose from whether it be YouTube, TeacherTube, or Vimeo. What if you could take a good instructional video and prompt your students for understanding while they are watching it? 

Welcome PlayPosit!  (pronounced play-pause-it)
playposit logo

The delivery process is engaging—maintaining a high state of accountability for students via time-embedded formative assessments. Students benefit from a one-to-one experience, which gives them immediate feedback (correcting misconception in the moment) and also grants them control over their learning by allowing them to move at their own differentiated pace by pausing, rewinding and reviewing the material.

This blended model ranks high for individualized and differentiated instruction.  Sign up for your free account and browse ‘bulbs’ already created by other educators – or easily create your own.