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Founded in a Duke University dorm room in 2001, Mental Floss has reached billions of readers with interesting content that answers life’s big questions and uncovers amazing facts.

With the Amazing Fact Generator, you’ll discover amazing things like:

  • Opossums don’t “play dead.” When frightened , they get overexcited and pass out.
  • Chinese checkers was invented in Germany.
  • Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas dropped out of high school but picked up his GED in 1993. His GED class voted him Most Likely to Succeed.
  • A black cat crossing your path (from right to left) is considered good luck in Germany.

Get answers to life’s Big Questions like:

  • Why is Memorial Day always on a Monday?
  • What is the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day?
  • Why is the American flag displayed backwards on military uniforms?

Test your knowledge on various Quizzes like:

  • Can you name these birds by their pictures?
  • Can you guess which words are trademarked?
  • How well do you know Pokemon trivia?

PPT as Your Virtual Background in Zoom

Here’s a feature you will like if you are a Zoom user. Instead of presenting your instruction or notes for a meeting, why not use your presentation as your meeting background? In doing so, you have the option of displaying yourself on screen as the presenter making it more personal for your audience.

Watch this video to see how nice it works. You’ll see what I mean. This Zoom feature is currently in Beta but works well regardless. It can only get better from here.

Ozobot Simulator Now Online

You don’t need Ozobots to learn how to use them. Start with the online simulator using any device with internet access and you can block code in a workspace then test run your code. This is a good way to problem solve your code before uploading it to the actual Ozobot by way of placing an Ozobot on the screen for the transmission of code, much like OzoBlockly. How cool is that!

This resource is a great way to engage learners working remotely AND, it’s completely free to use!

Games To Learn English

These games focus on ESL students to include: Fast English, Perfect Tense, Monster Phrases, Questions, Speak Easy, Speaking Phrases, Fast Vocab, Jobs Game, Spelling Bee, The Future, Falling Clouds, Weather, Big Describer, Food, Vocab Game, Compare, Fast Phrases, Time, Concentration, Past Tense, Bubbles, Conditional Sentences, Clothes, Monster Numbers, Prepositions, Phrase Making, Animal Mystery, Phrasal Verbs, and Hangman. These games can also be used in any ELA class as well in both a whole group setting or individually for practice.

ImageFu for Buttons and Badges

Whether it be Seesaw, Canvas, Schoology or anything you want to fancy up a bit, creating buttons that link is one way to do that. With ImageFu (a free resource) you can simply crank out some buttons or badges in no time at all.

This button is a link to the school website.
This badge does not link to anything but certainly can if you want it to.