Tour Builder With Google

Did you know that Tour Builder is not simply a tool for geography or map skills? Tour Builder can be used cross-curricular. It’s a free tool created by Google.

With Tour Builder, you can create virtual tours or tell a story on a map that includes locations, images, videos, descriptive narratives, and hyperlinks. These tours can be the retelling the events from a novel, tracing locations of a historical event, visiting different biomes or landforms around the world, showing animals and their habitats, visiting ancient cultures, or famous landmarks in history.

Tours can be viewed by others in Tour Builder, or take it a step further and import them into Google Earth for a full 3D experience!

Example Tours below (provided by Eric Curts).

Mystery Doug for K-5 Inquisitive Videos

Inquisitive minds want to know!

Mystery Doug is a free weekly video series that inspires students to ask questions. It’s the perfect five-minute break for your morning meeting, snack time, rewards, warm-ups, or any transition times in your school day.

Explore questions like…

  • Can a turtle live outside its shell? – Samaliya, 3rd Grade
  • Why does soap make bubbles? – Jonah, 1st Grade
  • Why do I get goosebumps? – Trevor, 4th Grade

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ZipQuiz for Math, Science, English, History and Geography

From the makers of Quizizz, ZipQuiz is a free fun new way for students to practice (and compete) on their favorite school subjects!

Students select a subject and a grade, and magically receive a short 60-second quiz just for them. Students can play on their own, or compete against students from around the world. They can even challenge friends to beat their score!  There are thousands of questions for grades 1-12 in Math, Science, English, History, and Geography.
*Currently the app is only available on iOS. Stay tuned for the Android version to hit soon.

Google Arts and Culture

Attention teachers who teach science, history, and art!

This resource is fabulous.  Google unveiled a resource for you that will help you and your students discover works and artifacts, allowing you to immerse yourself in cultural experiences from a myriad of museums across 70 countries around the world. Search projects, experiments, artists, mediums, art movements, historical events, historical figures, and places. Watch the intro video and check out the examples below.