Explore the Periodic Table

If you have an iPad or a Mac/Windows desktop and are interested in learning more about the Elements, then you’ll want to snag the app called NOVA Elements. You can explore an interactive periodic table, play a game, or watch a 2-hour program called, “Hunting the Elements.”  Search your app store and get started today.  The app is free!


Memes With a Purpose

Have you ever thought about using memes as a fun and creative tool in education?

Memes are everywhere… in educational games, social media, and in advertising.  Most often, memes portrait a sense of humor that fits right in line with the image chosen.  Memes are pictures with text imposed to relay a message. Examples of how you could have your students create memes with a purpose are:

  • quote a person in history
  • define a vocabulary word
  • explain a science fact
  • prove a math concept
  • redesign a book cover
  • create a word wall
  • tie it into a QR code activity

Memes can be made in many ways such as with Word and Google Docs/Drawings or you can use websites like imgflip.com or memegenerator.net.  Having students create their own memes allows them to show what they have learned and how they chose to communicate their ideas.


Mystery Animal in 20 Questions

Mystery Animal is a new spin on the classic 20-questions game. The computer pretends to be an animal and you have to guess what it is using your voice. Ask any yes-or-no question you want, like “Do you have feathers?” or “Do you sleep at night?” Play it on a Google Home by saying “Hey Google, talk to Mystery Animal,” or try it on your PC or laptop with access to the microphone.


Tour Builder With Google

Did you know that Tour Builder is not simply a tool for geography or map skills? Tour Builder can be used cross-curricular. It’s a free tool created by Google.

With Tour Builder, you can create virtual tours or tell a story on a map that includes locations, images, videos, descriptive narratives, and hyperlinks. These tours can be the retelling the events from a novel, tracing locations of a historical event, visiting different biomes or landforms around the world, showing animals and their habitats, visiting ancient cultures, or famous landmarks in history.

Tours can be viewed by others in Tour Builder, or take it a step further and import them into Google Earth for a full 3D experience!

Example Tours below (provided by Eric Curts).

Mystery Doug for K-5 Inquisitive Videos

Inquisitive minds want to know!

Mystery Doug is a free weekly video series that inspires students to ask questions. It’s the perfect five-minute break for your morning meeting, snack time, rewards, warm-ups, or any transition times in your school day.

Explore questions like…

  • Can a turtle live outside its shell? – Samaliya, 3rd Grade
  • Why does soap make bubbles? – Jonah, 1st Grade
  • Why do I get goosebumps? – Trevor, 4th Grade

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