Classroom Screen

A simple tool of digital widgets presented onscreen to help students focus more on their work. Tools consist of: random name generator, random dice rolls, drawing with or without lined paper, text messaging, work symbols, traffic light, qr codes, sound levels, timer, clock, language selection, and board background choices.

A teacher must have tool for classroom instruction, communication, management, and student focus.

New Creative Tools in Seesaw

Effective today, June 19th, Seesaw launched their new creative tools making it easier for students to demonstrate their learning in ways that work best for them and it works better than ever on chromebooks too. For iOS, you must update your app and for Android you have to be a little more patient as it is still in development.

Example 1) demonstrate the water cycle by adding multiple pictures over a background, labeling them, and then adding arrows to show the cycle while the student records what they know.

Example 2) Identifying parts of speech by underlining examples, labeling them, and talking through their work.

Example 3) Working out a math word problem with recording your thought process.

Summer PD at LCES on Monday, July 22nd.

AM Session 9-11
PM Session 12-3

Purple Comet! Math Meet!

Purple Comet! Math Meet is a free, on-line, international, team mathematics competition designed for middle and high school students conducted annually since 2003.

The problems range in difficulty from fairly easy to extremely challenging. Compete with tens of thousands of students from nearly 60 countries.

  • Middle school teams have 60 minutes to work on 20 problems
  • High school teams have 90 minutes to work on 30 problems
  • Each problem has a solution that is a non-negative integer
  • Teams are comprised of 1 – 6 students
  • For more information, go to

There are 421 registered teams from 25 countries. The contest will take place April 2 – April 11, 2019.

Writing Less to Write Better

You’ve probably heard the phrase “less is more” and wondered how could that be. Surely it isn’t true in all instances however with writing we can help students become better writers by writing less. Google Docs is equipped with a Word Count tool which also counts characters and/or spaces. What if you told your students to write a paragraph that contains 35 words or less to summarize a story read in class. You determine what the summary must include and then challenge your students to meet that goal with the help of the Word Count tool.

Eric Curts, Certified Google Expert explains this activity in his video below.

Google Work Collector/Dropbox

Google Drive and Dropbox… let’s combine them and call it Google Work Collector. This hybrid tool allows users to place items in your Google Drive without having to log in to their Google account. What better way to get files off an iPad that is used by so many students! It sure beats having to airdrop to an iPhone, then going to iCloud and downloading to a PC in order to use the file or media type you created on an iPad. Hot diggity! YES!

Watch this short video (2:50 minutes) to see how easy it is to set up. Once you have your special app link created, I suggest shortening the URL with or Tiny URL or create a QR Code you can readily scan we needed.