Type Studio for Video Editing

A new way to edit video without having to trim and clip segments. Type Studio is a tool that will transcribe your video into a text transcript where you can then cut out any text you don’t want in the video. You can even add subtitles and edit for Podcasts. This resource is text-based editing all at your fingertips on the web.

The free version limits you to 10 minutes of video uploads per month, 1 GB of web storage, 3 projects, unlimited downloads, 250MB max file size, 1080p export quality, subtitles, and podcast editing.

Type Studio was founded in 2020 and is based in Berlin, Germany. Next time you find a video for your students but only want parts of it, give Type Studio a try.

PPT as Your Virtual Background in Zoom

Here’s a feature you will like if you are a Zoom user. Instead of presenting your instruction or notes for a meeting, why not use your presentation as your meeting background? In doing so, you have the option of displaying yourself on screen as the presenter making it more personal for your audience.

Watch this video to see how nice it works. You’ll see what I mean. This Zoom feature is currently in Beta but works well regardless. It can only get better from here.

Ozobot Simulator Now Online

You don’t need Ozobots to learn how to use them. Start with the online simulator using any device with internet access and you can block code in a workspace then test run your code. This is a good way to problem solve your code before uploading it to the actual Ozobot by way of placing an Ozobot on the screen for the transmission of code, much like OzoBlockly. How cool is that!

This resource is a great way to engage learners working remotely AND, it’s completely free to use!

ImageFu for Buttons and Badges

Whether it be Seesaw, Canvas, Schoology or anything you want to fancy up a bit, creating buttons that link is one way to do that. With ImageFu (a free resource) you can simply crank out some buttons or badges in no time at all.

This button is a link to the school website.
This badge does not link to anything but certainly can if you want it to.

Mind Yeti for Seesaw

Create a calm, focused, and kind classroom.

So, what exactly is Mind Yeti? Mind Yeti is the practice of paying attention to things as they are right now with kindness and curiosity.

Research shows that practicing mindfulness – even for a few minutes per day can improve emotional regulation, self-awareness and self-acceptance, execute functional skills like focusing and paying attention, and promote pro-social behaviors and kindness acts. The more students engage in mindfulness exercises, the greater the impact.

Click the word Activities to gain access to the Mind Yeti resources. Transitions are the perfect time to practice mindfulness as a class, such as the beginning of the day, between subjects, before or after lunch, or at the end of the day.