Ozobot Simulator Now Online

You don’t need Ozobots to learn how to use them. Start with the online simulator using any device with internet access and you can block code in a workspace then test run your code. This is a good way to problem solve your code before uploading it to the actual Ozobot by way of placing an Ozobot on the screen for the transmission of code, much like OzoBlockly. How cool is that!

This resource is a great way to engage learners working remotely AND, it’s completely free to use!

Codeable Crafts and Storytelling

Codeable Crafts is perfect for tying in literacy with computer science. Students combine simple crafting (shapes, stickers, crayons) with block coding to create their stories. Students enrich their imagination and creativity while engaging in the basic concept of computational thinking. They draw on animal templates, name their creatures, and then snap together a set of coding blocks for a sequence of interactions for telling their story. Students can add a small set of advanced coding blocks to create sound, movement, and text.

This must-have FREE app is available for iOS and Android devices. Let’s do this!

CodeSnaps Lesson on “Features on a Map”

Provided by Curriculum Pathways and just in time for the Hour of Code event held the first week in December, SAS CodeSnaps takes advantage of tangible, printed coding blocks allowing students to prepare programs together on a work surface without a device.  When blocks are scanned with the CodeSnaps app, the program is then executed on the connected robot. The video demonstrates how to scan coding blocks with the SAS CodeSnaps app.

Here is an example of how code can be used in the K-3 classroom. Check out this easy lesson plan.

Show with Code: Features on a Map
Lesson Plan 15-45 minutes
CodeSnaps block printout cards

Kodable – Programming Basics for K-5

Kodables easy to follow lesson plans focus on student outcomes for learning to code. Programming promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills that benefit students in every day life.

This coding tool is web-based and also available for Apple and Android alike.
Free Kick Starter Account Access includes:

  • Unlimited student licenses
  • 12 weeks of lessons and student activities
  • Track student mastery
  • Access on any device
  • Informal assessment tools built into lessons