Wizer for Blended Worksheets

Think of Wizer Worksheets as digital hyperdocs or online blended worksheets and you will provide a new way to assign students an assignment using a learning management system.

Create engaging, interactive worksheets that includes video, audio, images and a variety of question types that includes technology enhanced items (TEI). Audio features allow you to record your voice for differentiation.  Easily assign to students in any learning management system like Schoology, Google Classroom, or Edmodo.  You can also share your activity by embedding or providing a link or PIN.

Don’t have time to create your own Wizer?  Explore the collection of free resources created by other educators.  Use as-is or copy and edit them to suit your needs.

The free-forever Wizer Lite account gives you the worksheet creator, ability to assign worksheets via URL or LMS, access to thousands of worksheets in the collection, and one classroom roster.

The Moon Phases worksheet below is something I created on the fly in 30-40 minutes. Give it try.  It’s only a sampling of what you get with Wizer.

PPT’s Taken A Step Further

A randomized PowerPoint is a handy activity for qballrecall and drill.
It involves all students in the class having to be on their toes not knowing when they will be called upon or what material will be presented. Add a Qball to the equation and you’ve got real engagement!

Examples of activities – reading clocks, counting money, math facts, math equations, vocabulary, roman numerals, foreign language, ESL, periodic table, and so on.

The video below demonstrates the activity, shows the code running in the background, explains the developer tool, and hones in on the one area of code that needs modified with each activity created.

If you would like a copy of an activity, contact me and I will send you one that you can make your own.

Zunal Webquest Projects

Zunal is a free online resource for creating webquests with a template but better yet it is a repository of thousands of webquests created by teachers and shared with the general public ready for use. Webquests are designed as projects for small groups of students to work together in completing the assigned task. Click the image below for a chart categorizing webquests by subject matter and grade level. The examples listed are for grades 9-12.

Search webquests by subject matter and grade level.

QuiverVision – 3D Augmented Reality

Using Quiver in the classroom is as easy as coloring pages and having them brought to life in the way your student creatively colored the page.

Coloring is a fine motor skill we develop at an early age. Coloring allows us to be creative in our expression and acts as a calming agent in reducing stress. What Quiver does using 3D augmented reality is bring those colored images to life.

Animal Cell (colored and brought to life)

Quiver offers free activities but also provides an educational theme with narrations, facts, and quizzes.

These activities will complement any lesson while engaging your students with a desire to learn more.

Quiver Education provides content designed around topics as diverse as biology, geometry, and the solar system.

Apps are available for Apple, Android, and at Amazon.

Creating Rubrics in a Snap

Rubrics make grading papers and projects fast and easy. You know exactly what you’re looking for in your student’s assignments and students also know what the expectations are for earning the best grade possible.

quick rubricFrom the creators of Storyboard That, QUICK RUBRIC is a user friendly new (beta) site for creating crisp, clean, modern looking rubrics with ease.  Users can add a row or a column with a tap of an arrow button.  Everything is customizable and an account holder can save or print out as many rubrics as they wish.