Day 3 | Adventure 1

Aid Drops

Preparation before class:
* Have EA journals for each group.
* Have iPad ready with Message from the Duo.
* Set up 2 stations:
– Hard Casing: boxes, cups, tape, hard casing directions.
– Soft Padding: pom-poms, foam, tape, sandwich bags, soft padding directions.
(Class supplies – 8 paper cups, 8 sheets of foam, 8 small boxes, 100 pom-poms, 2 rolls of tape, ruler, chart paper, markers.
Small group supplies – 1 sandwich bab, 1 twist tie, 2 flat marbles, 40+ pieces of farfalle pasta.
* Mark a 5-foot line on the wall for the drop challenge.
* Results chart.

Review, Discuss, Present:
1) Engineering and Technology terms.
2) Talk about packaging. Soft and Hard.
3) Play message from the Message Duo.

Kids will learn when supplies are delivered by air, the supplies can become damaged. Soft and hard packages might be used to help protect supplies.

Challenge: Packaging
Engineer an aid drop package that will protect supplies.

1) Pass out small group supplies to all groups. Have them close pasta and marbles in the ziplock and close with a twist tie.
2) Explain that the pasta and marbles are representative of supplies. Some are fragile while others can be sturdy.
3) Each group makes a prediction of what will happen to the supplies and then drops their package from the 5-foot mark.
4) Each group records their results in their journal.
5) Rope students in and explain the 2 stations (hard and soft packaging). Students will follow the direction sheet at each station and repackage their supplies.
6) Test and record findings. Replace broken pasta before testing each time. Test each material on its own first. If time permits, students may combine materials.

Wrap It Up and Reflect:
Compare charts. Ask each group to share their experience, thoughts and what they determined was the best solution.