Day 1 | Prep Adventure 1

What is Engineering?

Preparation before class:
* Make copies of the EA journal for each group.
* Have iPad ready with Message from the Duo.
* Have ClassroomScreen timer ready to use.

Introduction to the Project:
1) Explain what the project is about and how it was funded.
2) Talk about humanitarian aid drops after earthquakes, landslides, and floodwaters.
3) Talk about the functions of packaging (contain, communication, carry, display, dispense, protect, and preserve). We will cover 3 of those: 1) communicate – what’s inside the package, 2) display – easy to see when it lands, and 3) protect – undamaged supplies.
4) Go over the EDP and the goal, group students by counting to 3, and journaling w/roles and rotations each week (recorder, tester, presenter, and materials gatherer).
5) What is Engineering? Any time you need to solve a problem in order to reach a goal, you are engineering. Why work in small groups? Working well with others is an important skill for any engineer.
6) Play Message from the Duo.

Kids will learn the Engineering Design Process is a tool they can use to help solve problems.

Challenge: Tower Power
Rescue the animals living in a swamp from the alligators. Engineer a tower to lift the animal up 10 inches so it does not get eaten by alligators.

1) Hand out journals and supplies as students go to their stations.
2) Roam the room and ask questions of students.
3) Remind students of the time.

Wrap It Up and Reflect:
Announce groups who met the challenge and celebrate their success. Have students of each group talk about what went right and what went wrong. Ask them what they could have done differently if they had more time.


  • Engineering – Someone who uses his or her creativity and knowledge of math and science to design things that solve problems.
  • Engineering Design Process (EDP) – The steps that engineers use to design something that solves a problem.
  • Package – A covering or container.
  • Packaging engineer – An engineer who designs packages for many different types of objects. Functions of the package often include containing, carrying, preserving, protecting, displaying, dispensing, and communicating information about what is inside.
  • Technology – Anything designed by humans to help solve a problem.