Day 2 | Prep Adventure 2

What is Technology?

Preparation before class:
* Cover 8 objects on a table, get a rock, leaf, and branch.
* Have EA journals for each group.
* Have iPad ready with Message from the Duo.

Review, Discuss, Present:
1) Review the EDP and talk about the tower building activity we did last.
2) Ask students to give examples of technology and how they define it.
3) Play message from the Message Duo.

Kids will examine some technologies and brainstorm ways to improve them.

Challenge: Technology Detective
Figure out if the objects presented are technologies or not.

1) Uncover table and show students the objects. Have one person from each group come up and take an object.
2) Students work on page 6 in their journal discussing whether or not their object is considered technology.
3) Give students 10-15 mins to complete activity. Students work collaboratively in their groups. Roam the room to answer questions and observe students working.
4) Pull student’s attention to each group as they tell which object they selected and how they determined it was or was not technology.
5) Pull out the rock, leaf, and branch one at a time and ask students to defend the item as technology or not. Good discussion happens here. 🙂


  • Technology – Anything designed by humans to help solve a problem.