Day 4 | Adventure 2


Preparation before class:
* Have EA journals for each group.
* Have iPad ready with Message from the Duo.
* Set up 3 stations:
– Parachutes: 10 plastic grocery bags, 10 pipe cleaners, parachute direction sheet pg31.
– Canopy: 10 paper plates, string, 3 rulers, tape, 3 pairs of scissors, canopy direction sheet pg33.
– Wings: 10 sheets of construction paper, 10 pipe cleaners, wings direction sheet pg35.
(Class supplies – 8 paper cups, 8 sheets of foam, 8 small boxes, 100 pom-poms, 2 rolls of tape, ruler, chart paper, markers.
Small group supplies – 1 sandwich bab, 1 twist tie, 2 flat marbles, 40+ pieces of farfalle pasta.
* Mark a 5-foot line on the wall for the drop challenge.
* Results chart.

Review, Discuss, Present:
1) Recap protecting supplies with hard and soft packaging.
2) Talk about materials that could be used to slowly descend a package from a plane.
3) Play message from the Message Duo.

Kids will learn parachutes, wings, and canopies can help slow down a package as it falls, protecting its supplies during an aid drop.

Challenge: Incoming
Engineer a few different ways to help slow down your package of supplies from the air.

1) Show students a plastic bag, paper plate, construction paper, and string. Brainstorm how they could design an object to slow down the drop.
2) Give each group 10 pieces of pasta, 2 flat marbles, a twist tie, and a sandwich bag. Tell them to visit each station to create and test their drop packages. The direction sheets can be used or you can create on your own.
3) After each test, students should check their damage meter and record the results. Broken pasta needs to be replaced after each test.
4) If time permits, have students combine materials in different ways.
5) Remind students of the time.

Wrap It Up and Reflect:
Talk about results charts. Ask each group to share their experience, thoughts and what they determined was the best solution.