ImageFu for Buttons and Badges

Whether it be Seesaw, Canvas, Schoology or anything you want to fancy up a bit, creating buttons that link is one way to do that. With ImageFu (a free resource) you can simply crank out some buttons or badges in no time at all.

This button is a link to the school website.
This badge does not link to anything but certainly can if you want it to.

Mind Yeti for Seesaw

Create a calm, focused, and kind classroom.

So, what exactly is Mind Yeti? Mind Yeti is the practice of paying attention to things as they are right now with kindness and curiosity.

Research shows that practicing mindfulness – even for a few minutes per day can improve emotional regulation, self-awareness and self-acceptance, execute functional skills like focusing and paying attention, and promote pro-social behaviors and kindness acts. The more students engage in mindfulness exercises, the greater the impact.

Click the word Activities to gain access to the Mind Yeti resources. Transitions are the perfect time to practice mindfulness as a class, such as the beginning of the day, between subjects, before or after lunch, or at the end of the day.

Schoology’s Elementary Experience

Schoology, now affiliated with PowerSchool, is working to develop a friendlier user interface for elementary students with implementation planned for the 21-22 school year. If you are familiar with Seesaw, then this interface will please you as the look and feel will be similar. This article from PowerSchool will show an example of the interface and tell about some of the features.

Please take note that CCPS has not made its decision at this point in time what the LMS for elementary use will be for the 21-22 school year.

Left, Center, Right – View All Sides

How do you know what is fact and what is fake in today’s news stories?

AllSides is an unbiased balanced news website that takes today’s top stories and displays them side-by-side (left, center, right) so you can do a comparison of how one story is portrayed from the different political viewpoints. From there, you decide what is real and what is stretched or simply take note of how bias may play into the reporting of journalist’s personal beliefs.

Solve Me – Who Am I?

Sharpen your math skills playing a game of “Solve Me – Who Am I?”. This interactive resource is good for number sense math concepts and algebraic equations. Play and solve puzzles at different levels. Build puzzles using coding blocks. Challenge yourself with a Bingo puzzle by solving each clue and selecting that number on the card before advancing to the next clue. Your goal is to fill in the blanks for the missing digits and solve the mystery.

This could be a bell-ringer activity or a 5-minute opening activity to start off your math class or as students log in for the day to get the gears turning in their brains. Click on the image tile below for a full view of the question type.