Apple TV/Epson Brightlink

Schools in the division will have to make a choice between two technologies (Apple TV and Epson Brightlink) that they will want standard in their building. This technology initiative comes from Dr. Parker and implementation will begin the summer of 2016. Every year forthcoming, schools will have an allocated amount of funds to add to their chosen technology and/or begin upgrades as necessary.

Teachers were shown a demo of each technology before making a decision. While one technology may be favorable to one type of teacher, it will be the majority vote that determines the standard for all.

Of the two technologies presented, the biggest differences between the two are real estate and connectivity.

  • The Apple TV is very easy and quick to connect and real estate is always ready for display. Interaction occurs from external devices which means no back to the class.
  • The Epson Brightlink projector requires real estate to be wiped clean before you can clearly display your content. While it is interactive to the touch, one’s back remains to the class. Connectivity similar to SmartBoard.