Coding for Kids

What Most Schools Don’t Teach

The Hour of Code is a global event that occurs in December. BGES participated in the Hour of Code in December 2015 with 4th and 5th grade students. With a high level of interest I continued coding with 5th graders and applied for a grant through for 5 Sphero Robots.  We got the funding almost immediately and 25-30 students spent 6 weeks working in Tickle and Lightning Lab on various programming challenges, one being a chariot race where students not only wrote a program that allowed them to tilt the iPad for movement and direction but also designed and created a chariot out of recyclable materials.

We are into robots at BGES since the global event kicked off in December 2015 for the Hour of Code. Students were very interested in programming games on the site that I decided to apply for a grant in order to put something tangible in their hands. We have been fortunate to receive 5 Sphero SPRK robotsSPRK2 that our 5th graders are experiencing. Next year, a 2nd grade class will be exposed to the Bee-Bots robots and if all goes well 3rd and 4th grade classes may meet the Ozobots in 2016-17.