Discovery Education

Discovery Education (aka United Streaming) is a subscription based service that the division provides our K-12 teachers and students. This service is by far more than just a video library. Check out the YouTube videos below for insight to some of the other features.

  • Project Based Learning (45:33) – Explore how to implement project-based learning in the classroom and find a variety of ways that you can incorporate Discovery Streaming content into your curriculum. Learn how one high school student made incredible documentaries using iMovie that were then shown at the Apple Store.
  • Teacher Center (2:56) – Explains the many tools and features in the Discovery Education streaming Teacher Center, including Writing Prompt Builder, Thematic Focus, Assignment Builder, Quiz Center, and more.
  • Student Motivation Tips (12:50) – Student engagement and motivation tips.
  • Engaging Students (1:10:40) – Learn how to provide resources for your students to explore using the Classroom Manager feature in conjunction with Discovery Education’s Builder Tools. Explore how to assign individual resources, create and assign assignments, and integrate the writing prompt into lessons. All of the resources you will learn how to create will be accessible to your students through the Student Center.